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Kitchens - Patterned or Plain?

Is it better to decorate with a plain color rug and add pattern in the curtains of a kitchen or the reverse - patterned rug and plain curtains? I have

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What Color Drapes Or Sheers?

I've never been this baffled about decorating! I have an eggplant colored sofa, a black and white zebra chair and chrome and glass tables. The walls

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My Kitchen Needs A New Look

My kitchen is looking tired and dated and I need a way to make it look fresh and clean again without spending too much. I have aged pine floor and wall

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Help Needed! Installing Laminate Floor

I'm installing laminate floor in my kitchen - should it be the same color as my cupboards?

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Theatrical Window Treatment Ideas

I need window treatment ideas for a three door window please.

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Kitchen Colors Help Please!

Kitchen colors confusion... can I mix brass and stainless steel?

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Outdoor Decor - Where Should I Start?

I hadn't thought about outdoor decor but now that we have nearly finished the rest of the house...

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Tuscan Decorating For Your Vacation Property

Tuscan decorating brings the warmth of Italy to your property - wherever it is in the world.

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Creating A Romantic Bedroom

I would really like some advice please about creating a romantic bedroom with a bit of a raunchy 'Moulin Rouge' style.

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Plant Shelf Help!

What can I do with a plant shelf when I hate dusting?

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Arranging Furniture? Please Help Me Sort Out My Living Room

I'm arranging furniture in my living room - what works best for a narrow living room with opposite doorways?

Continue reading "Arranging Furniture? Please Help Me Sort Out My Living Room"

Room Color Schemes? I Don't Know Where To Start...

I have no idea about room color schemes for my living room - what can you suggest?

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Living Room Decorating With A Modern Feel

Living room decorating is quite a challenge when you have a living room that is pretty much a blank slate? Too much choice!

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Bedroom Colors?

Please help me with bedroom colors to get a good match with my furniture.

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Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers

Are replacement sofa cushion covers worth a try? You bet!

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Bedroom Color Schemes? I Need Help!

I need bedroom color scheme help please - what goes well with my new comforter?

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Vacation Property News From Google

Keep up to date with the latest news and headlines with vacation property news from Google

Continue reading "Vacation Property News From Google"

Home Decorating News From Google

Keep up to date on the latest trends in interior design with home decorating news from Google.

Continue reading "Home Decorating News From Google"

Christmas Decorating Tips And Ideas For Your Vacation Property

If you have never rented a vacation property over the Christmas period you just might need some Christmas decorating tips that will make it special for your guests.

Continue reading "Christmas Decorating Tips And Ideas For Your Vacation Property"

Traveling With Toddlers Or A Baby

When traveling with toddlers or a baby, would the rental property testimonial that said “the baby equipment that you provided was excellent and saved us carrying heavy equipment” catch your eye?

Continue reading "Traveling With Toddlers Or A Baby"

News And Headlines From Google

All the latest news and headlines regarding home decorating and vacation property.

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Search This Site

Lost something? Use our Site Search to find it.

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Book Shopping!

I know Kindles are fab but we still love book shopping don't we?

Continue reading "Book Shopping!"

Investing In Rental Property - Tread With Caution...

Investing in rental property can be a great way to make money but it is not for everyone.

Continue reading "Investing In Rental Property - Tread With Caution..."

Furniture In Living Room

I have a 69 dark brown leather loveseat in a classic design - can I pair it with another loveseat? If so, what should the size and texture of the loveseat

Continue reading "Furniture In Living Room"

Got Any Interior Decorating Questions?

For all your interior decorating questions - you have come to the right place for free decorating advice.

Continue reading "Got Any Interior Decorating Questions?"

Emergency Supplies Ensure A Fun And Safe Vacation For Your Guests

Make sure you have emergency supplies on hand in your property in case your guests are faced with a disaster.

Continue reading "Emergency Supplies Ensure A Fun And Safe Vacation For Your Guests"

Decorating With Paint

Easy modern decor - decorating with paint and masking tape - you don't even need a canvas to create your own works of art if you are short on time and money.

Continue reading "Decorating With Paint"

What's Your Best Buy?

What do you think was your vacation property best buy? Will you share it with us?

Continue reading "What's Your Best Buy?"

Vacations With Teenagers

Vacations with teenagers can be hard work so offer real family friendly vacations and do Mom and Dad a favor by providing lots of fun things for the teens to do.

Continue reading "Vacations With Teenagers"

Need Interior Design Inspiration For A Problem Room In Your Vacation Property?

Looking for interior design inspiration? If you have a problem with a specific room or area in your vacation property, please feel free to contact me with details and I will be happy to advise you.

Continue reading "Need Interior Design Inspiration For A Problem Room In Your Vacation Property?"

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining room decorating ideas need to be flexible enough to accommodate differing numbers of guests and practical enough to cope with children - a number of factors will influence your decisions.

Continue reading "Dining Room Decorating Ideas"

Fitness Equipment

Adding fitness equipment - a rowing machine, treadmill or elliptical machine - could help secure the good bookings for your vacation property.

Continue reading "Fitness Equipment "

Create A Picture Mosaic

A picture mosaic is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your vacation property and a picture collage or photo mosaic of the local 'must see' attractions is always a winner.

Continue reading "Create A Picture Mosaic"

Please Share This Website

Please share this website with your visitors if you have your own website or blog

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Entrance Hallway Decorating

Entrance hallway decorating is so important to get right if we are to give our guests a positive first impression so let's roll out the red carpet and dust off the welcome mat.

Continue reading "Entrance Hallway Decorating"

Affordable Abstract Wall Decor

Affordable abstract wall decor will create a stunning focal point in your property whether your budget runs to abstract art prints or original artwork - cheap wall decor with a big impact.

Continue reading "Affordable Abstract Wall Decor"

Decorating With Wallpaper

Having taken a back seat for a while and perhaps even seen as old-fashioned, decorating with wallpaper is now back where it belongs at the forefront of contemporary wall decor again.

Continue reading "Decorating With Wallpaper"

Behr Paint Colors @ Behr.com

The ColorSmart tool at Behr.com is a terrific way to see your rooms with a new color scheme from the comfort of your own pc and without the risk of costly mistakes.

Continue reading "Behr Paint Colors @ Behr.com"

Stunning Bathroom Color Schemes

The best bathroom color scheme for your vacation property usually starts with plain white.

Continue reading "Stunning Bathroom Color Schemes"

Wall Decals

Wall decals or stickers are a terrific idea for those of us who like to ring the changes when it comes to contemporary wall decor.

Continue reading "Wall Decals"

Choosing Carpet

So many choices when choosing carpet - are neutral carpet colors always the best option?

Continue reading "Choosing Carpet"

Your 'Vacation Essential' Wishlist

So, what would be on your 'vacation essential' wishlist? Chances are your prospective guest will have a list of their own.

Continue reading "Your 'Vacation Essential' Wishlist"

Decorating A Loft Or Den

When it comes to loft decor, bright colors and soft comfy shapes are the secret to creating a fun and comfortable room.

Continue reading "Decorating A Loft Or Den"

Bedroom In A Bag

A bedroom in a bag set gives you so much more cheap home decor fabric than you need, it's a terrific value way to achieve a co-ordinated bedroom color scheme.

Continue reading "Bedroom In A Bag"

Decorating With Area Rugs

Rugs are widely available in all sizes, colors and price ranges - a must for the interior designer look.

Continue reading "Decorating With Area Rugs"

Create A Website

Want to know how to create a website? Make your own website business with a little help from your friends.

Continue reading "Create A Website"

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design ideas to make the most of your limited space.

Continue reading "Small Bathroom Design Ideas"

Information, Simple Driving Directions, Recommendations...

More than almost anything your guests want information, simple driving directions, maps of the local area and your local knowledge.

Continue reading "Information, Simple Driving Directions, Recommendations..."

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