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Online Kitchen Interior Design Programs

There are some fantastic online kitchen design tools available to help you create your very own unique kitchen.

If you are looking for a free kitchen planner that can help you with your design choices when remodelling the kitchen in your vacation property there are a number of options available to you.

In the end you may feel that the free kitchen design software options are not quite up to the task and you may decide to purchase a professional design package but before going to the expense of buying 3d interior design software, have a look at what you can use free of charge - this may be more than adequate for your needs so why waste money?

Ikea Kitchen Planner

With their name being synonymous with stylish design at reasonable prices, one popular option worth looking at is the IKEA Kitchen Planner.

Just choose the country where you live and you'll find the Kitchen Planner in the Kitchen section.

This is a very simple tool and the 3d views of the kitchen are very good.

Merillat Kitchen Planner

Another site well worth visiting is Merillat.com

Their free Kitchen Planner tool guides you through the selection process of everything from undermount kitchen sinks to flooring options, from classic kitchen cabinet hardware to cool kitchen color schemes leaving you with a really good picture of how your finished kitchen could look.

All in all a pretty cool tool.

Cabinet Liquidators

Cabinet Liquidators offer a free 3D virtual kitchen planner which is well worth a look. It offers a feature where you can e-mail your plan to their expert designers for assistance or a quote.

Have you come across any useful free design programs or planning tools whilst you've been surfing the net?

If so, please let me know so I can take a look and share it here with other visitors.

Funky pink kitchen

Decorating your kitchen is just as important as getting the design right when it comes to the finished look and choosing your colour scheme and accessories can be hard.  

You don't want to fall at the final hurdle do you?

So, are you looking for kitchen decor inspiration? Just click here for lots more kitchen decorating ideas and to see some of the questions we have been asked by other visitors to this site.

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