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Choosing Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing paint, free online tools are available if you need a little helpful inspiration.

Picking colors you like for a room can be a tricky business if you have existing furniture or floor coverings that you need to work with.

A ‘blank canvas’ of a room is perhaps even worse and if you have no existing furniture or soft furnishings to dictate that you need to go in one direction or another color-wise, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Assorted pots of paint

For many people, deciding on room color schemes can be a bit of a nightmare - which probably explains the popularity of pale cream or 'Magnolia' wall paint which has become the default choice for anyone who doesn’t know what else to do.

Getting the paint color right is important though and if you are someone who finds it hard to imagine what the ‘finished product’ will look like when you are decorating, there are a couple of very good free on-line tools you might find helpful and it just might save you the time and expense of a costly mistake.

They are both available direct from the companies website with no need to download anything.

Behr Color Smart

One useful option when choosing paint color is the Behr Paints Color Smart tool which not only gives you the chance to upload your own room picture to 'paint' online but also makes very good suggestions for complementary colors.

This is particularly useful if you already have a color - a sofa you don't want to replace or walls already painted for example - but you are looking for ideas of what other colors would look good with it.


Another popular alternative is the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer.

This also gives you the option to upload a photo and I think is a bit easier to use if you are not looking for color palette suggestions but just want to try out new wall colors without actually buying any paint.

So, where would you like to go now...

Color Ideas

Sherwin Williams Paints

Behr Paints

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