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Please send in your questions and I will be happy to help.

Do you need some advice from an enthusiast rather than an expert? Then you've come to the right place!

I have no professional qualifications in interior design and nor do I ever pretend that I have. What I do have though is a love of decorating and a passion for finding the cheap and easy way to decorate property.

I have been involved in the refurbishment and design of a number of vacation properties and I am happy to share what I have learnt.

Is there an element of your interior design decor that you are having a problem with? Please use the form at the bottom of the page to send me your question next time you need some advice.

I have listed here some of the questions I have recently answered.

Tuscan Decor

Can you give me advice on Tuscan Decorating?

How should I be arranging furniture in my living room?

Paint color charts

What color schemes would you suggest?

Bedroom colors? Please help me pick the right wall colors

Laminate floor

What colour should I choose for my laminate floor?

Kitchen colors help - can I mix brass and stainless steel?

Moulin Rouge bedroom

How do I create a 'Moulin Rouge' themed romantic bedroom?

What should I do with this plant shelf?

Patio furniture

Where should I start with outdoor decor?

What is the best way to keep my sofa stain free?

Black leather sectional sofa

What colors will go with my black leather furniture?

Living room decorating help - what colors should I choose?

Window treatment ideas! How do I deal with a 3 door window?

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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House Exterior Colours 
Hi There, We are looking to paint our outdoor window shutters, garage door and porch columns. Recently, we had a new wood front door installed - …

Family Room Too Big!! 
I would greatly appreciate some help!!! I'm pretty good at decorating, but I am stumped here. I recently purchased a home with a huge family room, and …

Hanging Pictures Without Damaging The Wall 
I live in an apartment with walls that resemble popcorn. We aren't allowed to put holes in the walls, so I've tried using velcro strips with adhesive …

Decorating Pillars For First Large Party 
I'm about to throw my first party for about 100 guest. My venue is a beach house over-looking Lake Michigan. The building has these pillars and I …

What Colour To Paint The Lounge/Dining-Room Walls? 
We have a large open-plan kitchen, dining-room and lounge apartment. The kitchen is partitioned off by a counter with a greyish mottled granite top. …

Boring Tan Living Room 
My living room is painted all white. I have a tan couch, tan chair, and tan recliner. My living room has a weird shape to it and it's small but I make …

Trouble With Color Selection! 
We are planning to get new carpet and paint in the living room. We would like a medium gray carpet - tired of the browns! We found a texture by …

Are Oil Paintings Out Of Fashion? 
I have some beautiful landscape and still life oil paintings that hung in my parents home and was wondering if this type of art work is "out" for decorating? …

Can I Hang Three Art Pictures Together? 
I have a wall that is 100" wide and three art pictures measuring 20.5" wide each. Do you think three would be too many on that size wall? Andrea's …

Kitchen Soffit Decor Ideas 
I have soffits above my kitchen cabinets. My cabinets are light washed maple and the wall soffit is a creamy white, the same color as the rest of the …

Where Should I Put My Bedroom TV?  
I need some advice please. I am newly married - since July 2010 - and this is our first house. We are doing our best to make it comfortable and romantic …

Covering Problem Bulkhead Ceiling 
I have a 4 ft. wide x 13 in. deep bulkhead running the entire length of my condo living/dining area, about 35 ft.! It is stippled white like the rest …

The Little Rental House On The Hill 
My name is Tammy, I'm originally from Texas, my husband works in the Oil & Gas Industry. A few months ago he was offered a job that would take us …

Need Help Covering The Back Of A Bookcase 
Me and my co-worker share the same office. It is a fairly large office and we have lots of furniture. We wanted to somewhat separate the office by …

Coffee and Mocha Colour Scheme 
What if I use coffee and mocha color for living room walls? I think that may be a bit more 'me' than the bright accent colors you suggested. Andrea's …

Colour Selection 
I need advice on what colours to choose to make a room look bigger with black floor tiles and black or grey furniture and a black TV. Andrea's Response …

Abstract Art 
I am working on an abstract piece and I am having a hard time when I try to make my paint look like its rolling down the canvas. How do I do this? …

Sun Room 
My sun room is 12' x 18' and I have a wicker table with chairs near my patio door. I would like to have a couple of comfy chairs with a small table …

Chalet Furniture 
We have a rental vacation property which is part of a condo hotel program. This simply means that the resort rents it out on our behalf. The accommodation …

French Country Living Room 
I have two, three seater red sofas in my lounge with rolled arms and high backs. I love French country living rooms and the French provincial style …

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