Colour Selection

by Bhamina

Black, White and Bright Blue Fabric

Black, White and Bright Blue Fabric

I need advice on what colours to choose to make a room look bigger with black floor tiles and black or grey furniture and a black TV.

Andrea's Response

My advice would be to stick with a predominantly black and white colour scheme but to add in one bright colour.

Whether you prefer sunny bright yellow, hot pink, lime green or a beautiful bright blue like the one in the picture above - any of these would be stunning.

Sticking with the black and white will give you a bright and timeless look and the added colour will bring a contemporary look.

You could, for example, use a fabric like the one pictured to make a few cushion covers for the sofa and accessorise the room with bits and pieces in the same colour.

Painting one feature wall in your chosen colour would be good too and would bring all the elements together.

This idea has the added benefit of being fairly quick and easy to change if you tire of your chosen colour and want a fresh, new look.

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Great Advice!
by: Suzie

I love your advice on this situation and think that it would make for a lovely room.

I am trying to pick an accent color to go in a black and white quilt that I am going to make. I was trying to decide between hot pink or pear green. Now that I see your blue with the black I may do that.

Both of my girls would fight over who would get that quilt. I may just have to make two.

Andrea's Response

Thank you so much for getting in touch.

I hope you are happy with the quilt when it is finished.

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