Decorating A Vacation Property?

Great Ideas and Good Advice

Are you decorating vacation property ready to welcome paying guests? Perhaps you want to create a look and feel that will make this property your ideal family vacation home as well as appeal to potential visitors?

If so, I'll bet you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money decorating your property - you want maximum impact for minimum spend, after all, when you take a vacation, you need some time to relax and enjoy yourself - it shouldn't all be about decorating.

Villa at Cumbrian Lakes, Orlando, Florida

What you need are just a few suggestions for ways to improve the look of your vacation property with no special skills or equipment - some tips and tricks to add interest and ‘WOW! factor' to your property.

Whether you are decorating your property for your own use or to appeal to paying guests, I hope you will find this site useful in showing you ideas to prepare villas and apartments for rental on a tight budget and perhaps an even tighter time schedule.

Making a profit from your property investment is always desirable and often essential. Many people own a second home that they can only afford by renting it out to other people for their vacations or holidays.

Hockney Style Paint Pots

Whether you want to profit by making your home-from-home the most desirable rental property in the area - commanding a premium price - or just for the pleasure of knowing that your effort and skill has increased the value, I'm here to show you ways to do exactly that.

My name is Andrea and I have been lucky enough to be able to combine my passions for property and travel into one passtime - renovating properties for rental or resale.

Some of the tips I will share with you will be things that you can prepare at home in advance and take with you to your property to finish off. I always try to combine work with a vacation so the more I can prepare in advance, the better.

House Front With Palm Leaf

I hope that you will find this site helpful whether you are preparing a property for guests or your own pleasure.

Please come back and see us again soon or sign up for our blog as new pages will be added regularly.

I would love to hear your comments and would also be delighted to receive your own tips and tricks that I can share.

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