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Stunning Bedroom Color Schemes

Choosing great bedroom color schemes is the first vital step in successfully decorating a bedroom.

You want to have the right look for your own family to enjoy but also need to achieve 'mass appeal' if you are to attract a good level of bookings.

In some ways you are lucky if your vacation property is solely a rental and is not used for your own vacations.

If that is the case you can opt for bedroom colour schemes that are fairly neutral and inoffensive with some brighter accent pieces to add style.

Blue, pale green, yellow, beige - all good choices for bedroom color schemes that will be acceptable to young and old, male and female.

A Master Bedroom is of course slightly different and you need to remember that luxury is often required here and nothing says luxury like gold.

Pale green and neutral bedroom

I have always favoured gold and ruby red or gold and black for Master Bedrooms as these color schemes certainly add an opulent feel to the room.

When you also use the property with your own family you may be under a little pressure to decorate to suit them but you really need to stand your ground here.

My daughter may have liked a pink bedroom at our Florida property but I knew it may just lose us that lucrative all male golf booking in the quieter winter months which we simply couldn't afford.

Swatches for blue room

We compromised by using a lot of blue for our bedroom color schemes but also had, locked away in the owners closet, a selection of more personal (pink!) things that we could whip out on arrival to make the property feel more like our own home from home.

When we were doing research on our competition prior to marketing our property, we were surprised by how many people had properties which were decorated with such a specific group of guests in mind that we could see it would be alienating to others of a different make-up and we made sure not to fall into that trap ourselves.

Petty as it may seem, this is an important aspect of the overall presentation of your property and your bedroom color ideas and choices will affect bookings. My nephew would not have been impressed if we had rented a property and put him in a pink and frilly room for our vacation and we steered clear of the property that would have meant Grandpa spending two weeks in a Scooby Doo themed room!

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