Bedroom Walls

by Jackie
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Explore Color with Behr Color Smart

Explore Color with Behr Color Smart

I just moved into my new home.

My bedroom set is a real deep, dark brown or espresso. I found a nice new comforter, it has espresso colored bows on it but the comforter is like a aqua.

I thought about getting dark brown or silk espresso colored curtains but what color should I paint my bedroom walls?

My room is not big and spacious.

Andrea’s Response

I highly recommend you have a look at Behr’s Color Smart feature.

I think your best option is to find a pale shade of the aqua that is used in the comfortable.

For example if your comforter resembles 'Spa', you may want to look at 'Himalayan Mist' or 'Aqua Pura' as options. Just think in terms of the comforter colour with white added - how much white you add will depend on how light or colourful you want the finished result to be.

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