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Advertising Policy
and Disclosure Statement


Decorating Vacation Property For Profit is an informational website created to help vacation property owners make the most of their valuable assett by providing them with decorating ideas and advice.

The content of Decorating Vacation Property For Profit is personally written by me, Andrea Elliston, and is all my own work save for the contributions, questions and comments sent to me by visitors to this site. Whilst initially being a labour of love, this site is also a commercial venture and run as a business.

I have never and will never make any kind of charge to readers of this site for any information they may gather or advice they may seek however there are, of course, expenses involved in the creation and hosting of this site.

In order for me to cover these costs I make use of the online advertising options available to me. Please note that whenever you click on a link on this website - whether you subsequently make a purchase or not, I may receive a small commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enables me to continue to run this site.

Product Recommendations

If I recommend a product or service on this site it is because I truly believe it to be a good product. If I say it is a product I have used myself, it will be. I may or may not be financially compensated by the product producer but, either way, the opinion given on this site will be my honest opinion.

Third Party Advertisers

Compensation may also be received from third party advertisers such as Google AdSense, Infolinks and others. Google AdSense are clearly identifiable by the wording 'Ads by Google' alongside. The specific products and services are not selected by me, although I endeavour to keep them relevant to your interests.

Infolinks take the form of double underlined text links found within the content of the site. This website receives a small compensation when a visitor clicks on these advertisement links.

Affiliate Merchants

I also have relationships with several affiliate merchants whose products are featured on this site. The vast majority of these are shown as product photos in blocks known as 'PopShops'. Just click on this text to see an example on the Soft Furnishing page. If you click on a product link or text link and buy something from one of these merchants, I will receive a small commission in return.

Rest assured that the compensation received will never influence the content, topics, or articles found on this site.

When you click through Decorating Vacation Property For Profit to purchase a product or service, the price remains the same as it would if you purchased that product or service directly from the company.

If you feel that you have received some value from your visit to Decorating Vacation Property For Profit, I would really appreciate your connecting from my pages. You would pay the same amount whether you click through the link or ads on this site or go there directly.

If you would like to show your support for Decorating Vacation Property For Profit and help keep it operating, then each time you decide to purchase items from one of my affiliate companies, simply go through my website to get to their company for your purchase. Each time you do this, I will receive a small commission as a 'thank you'.

Solo Build It!

I use Solo Build It!'s (SBI's) site-building tools to enable me to create and host this website. I firmly believe that using the services offered by Solo Build It! is the number one way to build a successful web business. I do have an affiliate relationship with SBI! and should you click on one of the links to SBI on this site I will receive a commission.

If you asked my advice how to start your own website I would send you straight to SBI whether they paid me a commission or not simply because I believe it would be the best thing I could do for you - we don't need to tell them that though...

If, like me you are a single mom, please, do yourself a favour and see how SBI could change your life.

With all of the adverts on this site the same thing applies - clicking on the link will never cost you more but the supplier may pay me a commission.

Please do support my sponsors and recommendations. This site takes time and effort. I said before that this site is a labour of love - and it is - but hey, a girl's gotta eat!

Supporting my sponsors is a Win-Win-Win for you, me, and them.

I thank you so very much for your support,


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