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Using Blackboard Paint
and Magnetic Primer

Clever use of blackboard paint in the kitchen or breakfast area gives you an opportunity to leave a personal 'Welcome!' message for your guests.

As any mum knows, 'entertaining' a youngster and trying to cook dinner at the same time isn't easy.

Some years ago when my daughter was a toddler I asked her dad if he could use chalk board paint to create an area on the kitchen wall so Abi would have something to do whilst I was in the kitchen.

He constructed a frame which covered almost a whole wall and we put cork tiles in the top half to make a notice board area.

On the bottom half, he put hardboard which had been painted with black board paint.

Blackboard wall

It made my life easier I can tell you and Abi happily sat on the kitchen floor 'chalking' her pictures for hours on end whilst I was busy.

She's 16 now and has, of course, lost interest but still sometimes writes me a message or funny note there.

In a vacation property, a chalkboard wall could be fun for any children in the party but would also give you a nice way of leaving your guests a personalised 'Welcome!' message which could, of course, be tailored to the time of year, age and make-up of the party etc.

Welcome message on blackboard

As long as it is 'prepped' properly you can apply black board paint either directly to a wall or onto a board which would then need to be secured to the wall.

Magnetic letters

As an added extra, I read recently that if you use a magnetic primer before the blackboard paint, you can then use it either for chalk or with magnetic letters.

This is a fairly cheap and easy idea and it adds something a little different to your vacation property with the added benefit of a bit of fun for the young - or maybe not so young - visitors.

Chalkboard Wall Photograph Courtesy of Sean Scoggins @ flickr

Magnetic Letters Photograph Courtesy of Gaetan Lee @ flickr

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