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Decorating With Paint
Choosing And Using Paint

Easy modern decor - decorating with paint and masking tape - you don't even need a canvas to create your own works of art if you are short on time and money.

Sometimes you need to think outside the box and dispense with doing things in the traditional way.

Rainbow paint roller men

Just because artwork is usually applied to paper or canvas doesn't mean that it has to be and, luckily for us, the alternative is a cheaper and easier option - just how we like it!

Sometimes you just want to get the paint out and get on with a project when the mood takes you and you don't have time to get a canvas.

Sometimes the budget might not stretch to a canvas or perhaps you just can't get one quite the right size or shape.

If you are planning on creating something large for added impact or something of an unusual shape, a canvas just won't be practical.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you may choose to apply the color directly onto the wall.

Barcode style colored wall panel

When I am short of time and money and I have part of a wall to fill and no suitable canvas, decorating with paint alone always springs to mind and I just get out the masking tape and interior wall paint and apply the paint straight onto the wall.

In a completely white and silver room with a stunning purple carpet - an acquired taste I know! - my daughter and I chose a selection of five colors and using low tack masking tape, we taped off part of the wall in a stripey pattern - much like a bar code on packaging.

We then filled in the gaps between the tape using the colors in a random way and - the hardest bit for my daughter - waited for it to dry before whipping off the tape and - voila! - a stunning colored panel on the wall for just the cost of a few tester pots of paint and some tape.

This type of modern wall decor can also be a useful when you are short of money and have some things in a room that you can't change.

In a room with a blue carpet and a beige sofa for example, a stripey wall panel in shades of blue, cream and gold would tie the two items together without the need to completely redecorate the room or replace an expensive item.

Blue, cream and gold color palette

Choosing Paint Color

If you have one color that you want to use but can't figure out what colors to add to it to make a good group, use some of the free online tools available to help you. Both Behr Paint Colors and Sherwin-Williams Paints will be able to help you put together a good color palette to work with.

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