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Bedroom Decor Photos

Gorgeous bedroom decor photos to fire your imagination and help you with some ideas for decorating the bedrooms of your vacation property.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version open up in a new tab or page.

Whether these pictures insprire you to decorate your bedroom or not, why not use the invitation below to send us a picture showing off your bedroom decor?

Whether you have chosen funky bedroom colour schemes or traditional or more modern bedroom designs - we'd love it if you would share.

Of the pictures shown here I think the first picture on the left on the top row is probably my favourite. Dark wood and aqua is definitely one of my favorite bedroom color schemes and, of course, aqua is a great colour for an en-suite bathroom and linking the two rooms together is always a good idea.

aqua and dark wood bedroom pale green bedroom strawberry pink bedroom
pale grey bedroom chocolate brown bedroom white bedroom
pale grey bedroom plum bedroom white bedroom

If appealing to a mass market is important to you, you need to be careful not to make your bedrooms too gender specific. Aqua, green and yellow are good colors for you to consider for this reason.

Although traditionally blue is a boys color, I would have no hesitation in using blue in a bedroom which I would consider equally appropriate for male or female visitors.

Something else to bear in mind is practicality. A white bedroom is truly stunning but the cost - in terms of time and money - to keep it pristine make this a really poor choice for a vacation property.

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