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Outdoor Decor Ideas Please!

"I don’t know where to start with outdoor decor"

The Question

Patio decorating is not something I have thought about much but now, having been doing up our vacation property for ages, we have nearly finished - finally! - and I think I need to focus on the outdoor patio and pool area.

Where do I start?

We can't have anything that needs a lot of looking after as we don't live nearby but we do want it to look nice.

We have a large terrace area next to the pool and a small grassed area.

The only items we have so far are a few sunbeds and a plastic table and chairs.

The Answer

Palm tree and sky

If I were you I would steer clear of traditional garden plants and in fact I would forget plants all together except for any that can be put in pots and left to their own devices.

In a dry climate you need to give plenty of thought to the plants need for water.

Depending on the climate, something like cacti, palm trees or yucca plants might do the job.

Don't put them too close to an area people will be sitting though as that could be painful!

I would decorate the walls with patio pictures as they are terrific for adding colour and interest to an outdoor area without the need for regular upkeep.

Make sure you have plenty of comfortable cushions for your patio furniture so your guests are comfortable and don't forget that the colour of the beds that you choose will play a big part in your outdoor decor plan in the same way as your sofa color will in the lounge.

Do you have fencing around your property to give privacy round the pool? If so, soften the look of it with a fast growing hedge or climbing plant and trellis. You may need to take the advice of a local gardener as to the suitability of various plants.

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