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Tuscan Decorating

"How can I bring a taste of Italy to my property?"

The Question

I like the idea of Tuscan style decorating. Can you give me any ideas or tips?

I don't want anything too traditional as I like my property to have a modern look so maybe 'Tuscan with a twist'?

The Answer

When I think of decorating with an Italian influence, my first thought is of the bright yellow, almost orange, of a sunflower and the muted green of a verdigris metal finish.


Having stayed in Florence a few years ago I can still recall the dazzling, soft warm glow that the city's buildings seem to have as if the years of sunshine have somehow been absorbed.

You will need to find a gentle shade of orangey-brown as the basis of your colour scheme - something like Dulux's Nigerian Sands would be good.

If you are trying for a modern, light look I would suggest painting one wall in your room with this shade and a rich cream for the other walls.

Olive green is a great colour as an accent. Not only are orange and green opposites on the Color Wheel, indicating a good partnership of complementary colours but also Tuscany is rightly proud of its olive oil.

If you have any metal objects in the room - curtain poles, door furniture - then I would strongly recommend you look at a verdigris finish as this would look great with this colour scheme. If that is not to your taste then I suggest you look at a heavy black wrought iron as an alternative but really I think the verdigris look would look better.

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