Coffee and Mocha Colour Scheme

by Bhamina

Premier Prints Waves Stripe Chocolate/Black/Natural

Premier Prints Waves Stripe Chocolate/Black/Natural

What if I use coffee and mocha color for living room walls?

I think that may be a bit more 'me' than the bright accent colors you suggested.

Andrea's Response

Coffee and mocha can make the basis of a great colour scheme but the danger is that with the black floor you already have, this could make for a very dark room.

The fabric pictured above uses those colours but adds in white and a beautiful shade of blue which would both lighten and brighten.

A fabric wall panel using this fabric would look great and, if you want to, you could pick out any of the colours in the fabric to make some co-ordinating, plain cushions covers.

Note: The above is a follow-on from Bhamina's original question "I need advice on what colours to choose to make a room look bigger with black floor tiles and black or grey furniture and a black TV"

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