Kitchen Soffit Decor Ideas

by Candace Wilkinson
(Vienna, Virginia)

Plain Kitchen Soffit Area

Plain Kitchen Soffit Area

I have soffits above my kitchen cabinets.

My cabinets are light washed maple and the wall soffit is a creamy white, the same color as the rest of the walls in the kitchen.

The soffits needs something so they do not look so plain - they just don't add any style to my kitchen.

Any suggestions as what to do to them?

Thank you, Candy

Andrea's Response

A lot will depend on your available time, budget and artistic ability Candy.

You could choose to paint the area in a solid bold color in the same way that you might add an accent wall to a room - you can add an accent soffit!

Is that a couple of purple accessories I can see? Painting the whole of the soffit in purple would be really striking but if that shade of purple is a little too bold for you, just add a little white paint to the mix to give you the right tone but in a lighter shade. Do use a speciality kitchen paint though to make sure the area is wipe clean.

A wallpaper border is a cheap and easy option and although they have a slightly old fashioned image, the range available - whether you are looking for colorful or fun - is enormous.

Another idea for some, if not all of the soffit is to decorate it using blackboard paint and magnetic primer. It may be fun to be able to write messages to the other members of the family on your own chalkboard and using a magnetic primer under the blackboard paint means you could also use magnetic letters. A novel place to keep your shopping list!

I came across something recently when looking for backsplash ideas - kitchen themed mosaics using crockery. I have added a couple of pictures above to illustrate the point. I have no idea if you have much in the way of artistic talent Candy and certainly I think this is beyond me but I just love these kitchen mosaics and in particular the texture given by using pieces of crockery such as a broken mug with the handle sticking out.

If the crockery mosaic idea is not to your taste, you could consider tiling. I would suggest either tiling the bulk of the area in something fairly plain with the addition of a few brightly colored or patterned accent wall tiles or covering the whole area in the small mosaic tiles that you can buy on a net backing that can easily be stuck to the wall and grouted. You can use this idea whether you have chosen to go with a bold contrast color or something more neutral but that will add texture and interest.

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