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Installing Laminate Floor

"Should my floor color match my cupboards?"

The Question

We are installing laminate floor in our kitchen - can you please help us decide about the color?

Oak table and chairs

I have an open plan kitchen and breakfast room with an oak table and chairs and oak colored kitchen cupboard doors.

I need to replace the ancient linoleum floor and my husband insists that we have oak colored flooring.

What do you think? I am worried that it will look a bit boring if it is all the same color.

We just can't agree on this so have decided to ask you and have made a deal that we will accept your answer as the deciding vote.

The Answer

I can see that I will have to choose my words carefully here as I don't want to be accused of siding with you in a girls-sticking-together kind of way!

Sorry 'hubby' but I would not be in favor of oak flooring for your kitchen and breakfast room. I agree that it could look a little dull although there is much that could be done to eliminate that with colorful walls, rugs, accessories etc.

My mum used to say 'a miss is as good as a mile' - one of those old wives tales that doesn't actually make complete sense but still has a truth in it. Colors together should either be an exact match or obviously different.

Even if you could find something in the exact same shade as your kitchen cupboards, as time goes by they will age and discolor at a different rate and you will look at your kitchen one day and realize that it just doesn't match anymore.

I think your best option would be to go for a floor covering a couple of shades darker than your cupboards.

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