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Replacement Sofa Cushion Covers?

"How should I protect my sofa from getting stained?"

The Question

Can I ask your opinion on replacement sofa cushion covers?

We have recently bought a vacation property in Portugal and it has come complete with furniture.

The sofa is a really nice pale gold colour but I am worried that it will be trashed in no time by guests with sticky-fingered kids and I want our guests to be relaxed and not have to worry about causing any damage.

I am unsure as to whether we should just leave it and see what happens, replace the sofa with something in a more practical colour or get some machine washable slipcover cushion covers or maybe a throw as protection - what do you think?

The Answer

I remember as a child my Grandmother redecorating her lounge and covering her very patterned orange sofa with an equally patterned floral green slip cover - it was hideous. I think in those days you could only buy a very stretchy nylon cover that seemed to come in one size and shape and you were expected to stretch it to more or less cover your furniture.

I am pleased to say that nowadays, modern slip covers are much more attractive and you can buy them for virtually any size and shape of sofa.

I am sure you can do without the expense of a new sofa so suggest you look at some of the replacement sofa cushion covers available - I have shown some below for you - that are both attractive and practical.

If you can find one that is machine washable then so much the better but even if you have to pay for occasional dry cleaning this will be a cheaper option and will keep your living room looking fresh.

Sure Fit slip covers offer a terrific, value for money range.

A throw is an alternative but as it is loose, there is always the temptation for your guests to bundle it up and move it out of the way so it isn't as good an option as the slip covers.

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