Can I Hang Three Art Pictures Together?

by Muñeca
(San Diego)

Set of 3 Love Life Blue Wall Art

Set of 3 Love Life Blue Wall Art

I have a wall that is 100" wide and three art pictures measuring 20.5" wide each. Do you think three would be too many on that size wall?

Andrea's Response

Are the pictures a set or linked in some way by a common color or theme?

If they are part of a set like the three Love Life pictures shown above then I think they would look stunning and very dramatic.

If they are three separate pictures which have no obvious connection then I don't think they would look right being so close together.

You mention that they are 20.5" wide but don't say how they measure from top to bottom. If they are quite small it is not so much of an issue but if they are quite big I would suggest you do your best to make sure there is no furniture on that wall so the pictures can make more of a statement.

Alternatively, they would look fine lined up above the back of a low sofa or something like that but the look would be thrown off balance by something like a bookcase.

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