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Room Color Schemes - Help!

"What will look good with my black leather sofas?"

The Question

Black leather modular sofa set

I need help with room color schemes please. So far I have two black leather sofas in my vacation property living room and not much else. The floor is a pale wood laminate.

I want the property to appeal to young couples more than families - do they still call them yuppies? - as it is a city center apartment and not really suitable for kids.

I want a modern look that will suggest comfortable, stylish, chic.

Is there a color scheme that you can suggest that will give that impression?

It needs to photograph well as I will be advertising on the internet.

The Answer

You're lucky - black leather furniture is great for the look you are going for.

Black and white New York picture

Without a doubt silver will give you a much better look than gold and I would suggest that your light fittings be silver - spotlights would be particularly good.

The following are all quite good colour schemes for you to choose from:

Black, silver, white, red

Black, silver, sky blue

Black, silver, white, bright pink

Black, silver, grey, bright lime green

Black, silver, white

If you decide to go for one of the ones with a bright colour, I suggest you paint the room mainly in white with a feature wall, chimney breast or alcove in the colour of your choice.

You may also like to add a fabric wall panel (don't be put off - it's really cheap and easy to make) and perhaps a few bright cushions or pillows in a bold or geometric pattern.

Black and white photos are a good choice for the walls. I don't know why but for some reason, despite being old technology, they still somehow manage to look modern.

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