Hanging Pictures Without Damaging The Wall

The 'Command' Range by 3M

The 'Command' Range by 3M

I live in an apartment with walls that resemble popcorn. We aren't allowed to put holes in the walls, so I've tried using velcro strips with adhesive backing to hold my canvas.

However, they only stick for a few hours then fall off and pull off the paint.

Any suggestions on how I can hang my canvases and frames?

Andrea's Response

Not sure if you had something similar in the US but in the UK it used to be standard to have something called a 'picture rail' on the walls of your home. It was basically like a dado rail but was located about 18" down from the ceiling and hooks could be attached to it from which pictures would hang.

If you don't have such a thing in your apartment it may be worth asking your landlord if he would install one or perhaps allow you to do-it-yourself if you have a little do-it-yourself knowledge.

Alternatively, have you seen the Command range of products available from 3M?
They look like they might do exactly what you are looking for and are probably your most cost effective option.

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