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My sun room is 12' x 18' and I have a wicker table with chairs near my patio door.

I would like to have a couple of comfy chairs with a small table between and am not really sure how to arrange this.

The problem is my door enters into the room from the outside and my room also enters into the kitchen area. Hopefully you will see this by the picture.

Looking for advice.

Andrea’s Response

It is hard for me to be able to help you with this as I can't get a clear idea of the space available from the picture.

What I will say though is it becomes very annoying if you have to walk round furniture to get from A to B and personally I feel there needs to be a clear straight path between doorways.

If it helps, use a piece of string on the floor to show the pathway from the middle of one door to the other and see whether the extra furniture you need would be in the way.

I had a similar problem in a property I once owned and in the end decided to replace my rather bulky dining table and chairs with a smaller, 'cafe' style set which was more than adequate for the size of the property but gave quite a bit of floor space back to the room which could be better used. Perhaps this may be an option?

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