French Country Living Room

by Sue

Chantal Stripe Red And Blue Fabric

Chantal Stripe Red And Blue Fabric

I have two, three seater red sofas in my lounge with rolled arms and high backs.

I love French country living rooms and the French provincial style - how can I get that look with my sofas being red?

Andrea's Response:

I think the best thing you can do here is to incorporate the red into your soft furnishings.

Using a fabric like the one shown above, you would achieve a very French look, bringing in a bit of the existing red but also introducing the more traditional blue.

I would paint three of the walls soft cream (the background colour of the fabric) and paint the fourth wall a shade of blue that matches the lightest blue in the fabric.

I would make a couple of cushions or pillows in this patterned fabric and then add a few plain cream and one or two plain blue.

If you need something at the window I would suggest plain cream curtains would be the best option.

I think that would make a lovely colour scheme with a French feel to it.

Kind regards,


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