Boring Tan Living Room

by Jasming

Tan And Purple Color Scheme

Tan And Purple Color Scheme

My living room is painted all white. I have a tan couch, tan chair, and tan recliner.

My living room has a weird shape to it and it's small but I make the furniture work. However, I have no clue how to decorate it.

I want to do some kind of bright purple in it but I cant afford the pillows I want to use. I thought that bright purple and black would look good with my tan furniture. Or maybe even a coral and black?

I just can't use brown because I've already used it a lot in my house. I'm definitely on a very tight budget.

I need everything to decorate such as curtains, rugs, pillows, wall hangings, everything!! I need help because I'm no good at this stuff! Please help me.

Andrea's Response

The choice of color scheme is of course your decision but rather than bright purple, may I suggest something a little softer? Sticking with the purple family of colors I think you may find that some of the colors above seem to fit more naturally with the tan furniture you already have.

Given that you are on a tight budget it is important to make the most of the things you already have so making your tan sofa, chair and recliner look good is a priority. Using some of the colors in the picture for inspiration could you visit a local fabric shop and pick up a few cheap bits of fabric in that basic color palette?

This really will cost you only a few dollars but you can create a unique look by making a few pillow covers and, even easier, a fabric wall panel is so cheap and easy you will end up making them for other rooms in your home too.

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is with paint and another option for you would be to consider a barcode style paint effect using some of the colors in stripes of differing thicknesses - the only expense here is a few tester pots of paint and some masking tape.

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