Trouble With Color Selection!

by Jean

Sherwin-Williams 'Relish' Wall Color

Sherwin-Williams 'Relish' Wall Color

We are planning to get new carpet and paint in the living room.

We would like a medium gray carpet - tired of the browns!

We found a texture by Shaw that is called Platinum but I also have my eye on a green for the walls - Sherwin-Williams 'Relish'.

Am I totally off or could it work and, if so, what accent colors?

Andrea's Response

I am a very visual person so to get an idea how this may look I used the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer to show a living room with 'Relish' on the walls and, because they don't offer a carpeting option, I added in a sofa in a beautiful shade of silver grey. I must say I really like the combination.

When using green as a wall color one option is to treat that as a basis for a very natural scheme so the addition of plants and items with a natural linen effect - like the table lamps above - and wood furniture gives a lovely natural and restful feel.

As far as accents are concerned I would lean toward natural and textured so a neutral colored faux fur rug perhaps may be a good look.

If you want to add in a little more colour, I would suggest shades of grey from pale silver through to charcoal or even black.

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