Need Help Covering The Back Of A Bookcase

by Leslie

Useful Cork Notice Board

Useful Cork Notice Board

Me and my co-worker share the same office.

It is a fairly large office and we have lots of furniture. We wanted to somewhat separate the office by giving each other more privacy and our own areas.

We put my co-workers credenza in between our desks and put a bookcase on top of the credenza and it made a nice wall.

The problem is the back of the bookcase that I can see is very ugly. It is not finished it just has press board on the back.

Can you give me some ideas of what I can do here? I just need something else to look at.

Andrea's Response

So many options...

Firstly, you could of course just paint it. Use any colour that would brighten it up a bit and a light color if you are in a dark area. You could even paint it with blackboard paint and use it to write notes on.

Wallpaper is another option. Unless we are talking about an enormous bookcase here I am sure you could get enough free samples from your local supplier to cover this area at no cost. If you are using more than one paper, I would suggest they need to be different patterns but from the same color palet or different colors but the same basic pattern.

If this was my office, I would opt for a large picture of David Tennant or Johnny Depp but I appreciaite that isn't to everyone's taste - and I might find it distracting and do less work!

Probably the most useful idea though would be to cover it in cork tile and use it as a noticeboard. As I am writing this I have a cork board on the wall in front of me and I find it invaluable.

There is no reason why you can't paint cork so you could have the usefulness of a cork notice board but the more colorful option of a painted surface if you like.

My thanks to tenshijvl19912010 @ Photobucket for the photo

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