What Colour To Paint The Lounge/Dining-Room Walls?

by Marjorie
(Cuenca, Ecuador)

Yellow, Brown and Grey Color Scheme

Yellow, Brown and Grey Color Scheme

We have a large open-plan kitchen, dining-room and lounge apartment.

The kitchen is partitioned off by a counter with a greyish mottled granite top. The tiles are white with light brown cupboards and greyish flooring.

A large dining-room suite occupies the dining area. The seats are covered in dark yellow-patterned material.

Gold curtains cover the window/wall in the far-end large lounge area.

The large corner lounge suite is in a light-grey with darker grey seating and shiny-steel legs. We have a large, square, modern glass-covered coffee table in dark wood.

My question is what colour should we paint the walls which extend up to the kitchen area?

They are white at the moment and it is a colour that my husband likes, but I would like to add a little more oomph and warmth to the room.

We live in Cuenca, Ecuador and Cuenca is a coldish city with lots of rain so I would like to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness, yet like the minimalistic look.

I would be very grateful if you could offer any advice you could.

Andrea's Response

Given that you already have a number of colours in your home - various shades of brown, greys, white, gold and yellow - I would be reluctant to suggest bringing in anything new.

You have dark yellow seats on your dining suite and gold in the curtains at the far end of the living room so something from the yellow 'family' seems to be in evidence at both ends of this large room.

For that reason and also the fact that you mention a desire to add warmth, I would suggest a shade of yellow that matches the dining suite.

If you find a colour that seems to match well with your fabric but is a little too 'strong' for you just keep adding a little white until you get the perfect shade.

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What to Paint the Lounge/Diningroom Walls
by: Marjorie

Dear Andrea,

Thanks so much for your informative and quick response.

A light shade of yellow was what I was thinking of but then I read that yellow was not a good "vibe" color. But I think I will go for it seeing you suggest anyway. Now to persuade the government!


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