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Bedroom Colors?

"Please help with bedroom color ideas"

The Question

Please help me get my colors right this time…

I recently bought an all steel bedroom set. I'm having problems deciding what colors to paint the walls to match.

I'm thinking about painting the bottom half black, and the top half a deep red, separated by some grey trim.

What are your thoughts on that color combination for a bedroom?

Can you suggest some other color possibilities?

The Answer

I can't say that I like the idea of the top part of a wall one colour and the bottom another colour.

Rather than do that, I would suggest that you consider painting three of the walls one colour and one wall the other colour.

Black, white, red and silver is a lovely - and very striking - combination.

I think three pale grey wall and one bright red wall would be great and black and white photos on the walls would look good too.

What might be fun is to add some red to one of the grey walls and some grey to the red wall.

You can probably get some great black and white bedding and if you get a bed in a bag set, you will have enough leftover fabric to make a co-ordinating wall panel. Don't panic! I promise it is really easy.

Some bright red cushions on the bed would finish it off nicely.

Another of my favourite color combinations is navy blue, sky blue, lime green and silver/grey. A really good combination and I would suggest three walls sky blue, one wall navy blue and the lime green very much as an accent colour to be used in the bedding and maybe also a rug and a few cushions on the bed.

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