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Using Area Rugs

Rugs are widely available in all sizes and colors and to suit all budgets. They really are a must for the interior designer look with something to offer almost every room in the property.

I find them particularly useful when decorating a villa that already has some furniture you can't afford to replace as they are ideal for bringing together a color scheme where perhaps you have inherited a sofa set in one color and curtains in another.

Caramel, blue and black rug

This lovely example with shades of blue and caramel and a touch of black would be ideal in a room with the seaside coloring of sea and sand. One of my favorite color schemes.

Imagine placing this in front of a beige sofa in a room where the curtains are blue and you can see how this would bring it all together without the need to replace these more costly items.

Contemporary rug

If you are planning a makeover of a predominantly blue lounge or living room bright pink would work well as an accent color. All you would need is a pretty rug like this and some jazzy cushions or toss pillows and - Hey Presto! - a new look room.

Palm tree patterned rug

A conservatory, garden room or sun room would be the obvious place to put this gorgeous palm tree patterned rug and perhaps a silk palm or two?

It is all about individualizing your property and showing that you didn't just furnish your home by buying a 'room in a box' package.

Contemporary red swirl rug

Wow! Now this really makes a statement although I'm not quite sure what it is saying - "Look at me!", perhaps.

A stunning color that would give a whole new look to an otherwise quite plain, neutral toned room.

It would bring instant warmth to an otherwise cold room.

Modern blue and black rug

I love this one. A bit quirky and a beautiful shade of lavender blue. Perfect for a light and airy vacation property near the sea.

It's styling adds an instant contemporary look to a room so, again, could be useful when trying to re-vamp a room that has existing furnishings.

Zebra skin patterned rug

I have never been a big fan of animal prints but we once decorated a Master Bedroom with a predominantly black and gold color scheme and we used some leopard-style print there.

It was a lovely room in the end with large dark wood framed paintings - of banana plants if I remember rightly - and a giant silk palm tree in the corner. It was quite stunning - as is this striking zebra pattern.

When decorating with rugs, please don't forget that anything can be dangerous when placed on a slippery tiled floor and an excitable child running through a house to the pool could have a nasty accident.

Just remember to buy a rubberized mat that you put underneath which will stop it from sliding - problem solved.

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