Decorating With Area Rugs

by Judy Burgess
(The Villages, Fl)

Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug

I have a floral love seat and sofa - beige, light green, maroon - in a country style and I have a maroon accent wall.

My living room is off-white and my dining room is off-white with a wrought iron glass table with maroon seat covers.

My hutch is also off-white, the walls a light yellowish beige and hardwood floors which are brown in color.

What area rugs would you suggest?

Andrea's Response

Given that you have a country style sofa and love seat, do you want to add any more pattern to your scheme? It is hard for me to say without seeing it but I can't help but feel that additional pattern may not be a good idea.

In my opinion, you cannot beat a faux fur or sheepskin effect rug when it comes to adding warmth, interest and texture to a room without adding any additional pattern or color.

Actually I have recently added a large square sheepskin rug to my own living room at home as the laminate floor was too cold for my liking but I didn't want the room to be cluttered with extra pattern.

If you would like to add some touches of color, a number of small accent rugs may be a good option for you.

If you can find a plain rug in a couple of the colors you have in your sofa and love seat you may find that this looks better in your space than one large rug.

If you would like a rug for the dining room one idea I like is to use a shape of rug that reflects the shape of the table. If, for example, your table is round I would buy a round rug to go under the table but you need to ensure it is quite a bit bigger than the table itself or the chair legs will be half on and half off the rug - very annoying.

Colorwise, I would suggest a green rug (to bring in the color from your suite) which ideally would have small touches or an edging of maroon to complement the seat covers and tie the whole thing together.

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