Rug Color?

by Amy
(Wenham, MA, USA)

Gorgeous Green Rug

Gorgeous Green Rug

We have a small TV room that we are going to decorate.

The wall color will be a light tan. The loveseat and chair are black leather (because they were free). The drapes will be white with different shades of green leaf prints, medium sized.

What color rug do I get? And, if it is a square room, do I get a square rug?

Oh, and we have 2 kids...can be messy!

Andrea’s Response

I would be reluctant to add a very patterned rug into this room as you have the leaf patterned curtains and a number of different colors but a plain rug may be a problem with children as it is hard to disguise marks and stains.

Something like the one pictured above may be a little more interesting - and forgiving - than a plain rug without adding too much extra pattern. If you can find one with the same shade of green that you have in your curtains with the stripe being the tan of the walls or black then so much the better.

As far as the shape is concerned, personally I would think more about the space where the rug will be situated rather than the shape of the room as a whole. You may find that once you have your furniture in place, the rug will be in a rectangular space so that shape would be better. A round rug can look good in a square space so you may like to think about that too.

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