Furniture In Living Room

by Sara
(Vancouver, Canada)

Stripes Aqua/Brown by Cranston

Stripes Aqua/Brown by Cranston

I have a 69" dark brown leather loveseat in a classic design - can I pair it with another loveseat?

If so, what should the size and texture of the loveseat be?

I wish to purchase a chair too and would like to have some ideas on this.

Please let me know whether this arrangement will be good.

Thanks, Sara

Andrea's Response

Hi Sara

I see no reason why you can't pair your leather loveseat with a second loveseat with a fabric cover but I think they both need to be of the same classic style if at all possible and also a similar size.

Actually, if it was in my property, rather than have two loveseats the same I would choose to have them different and would pair the brown leather with a same-style loveseat with a fabric covering that contained other colours but included the same shade of brown.

If the option is available to have a couple of throw pillows made in the same fabric to use on the brown leather seat then so much the better.

The fabric above for example would look lovely as a covering when paired with a plain brown leather and I can picture a couple of striped throw pillows on the brown leather and a couple of plain brown - faux fur perhaps? - pillows on the striped seat.

As far as adding a chair into the mix is concerned I don't see that as a problem if you stick with the same classic style. If you chose a fabric like the one above, another piece of furniture in the busy striped fabric may be too much but you could certainly pick out the lime green or bright turquoise blue if you liked them and have a plain chair in one of those colours.

Alternatively you could choose a different shade of brown but again I would suggest you have a throw pillow in the striped fabric just to make the link between the three pieces more obvious.

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