What Color Drapes Or Sheers?

Eggplant Paisley Rug by PlushRugs.com

Eggplant Paisley Rug by PlushRugs.com

I've never been this baffled about decorating!

I have an eggplant colored sofa, a black and white zebra chair and chrome and glass tables. The walls are gray and the area rug is multi... eggplant, beige, red and turquoise.

I've tried red sheers but they were too bold.

I thought I'd try a neutral light cream and it's not working either! The carpet by the way is a kind of beige gold.


Andrea's Response

OK, so we have...

Sofa - Eggplant
Chair - Black and white
Tables - Chrome and glass
Walls - Gray
Rug - Eggplant, beige, red and turquoise
Carpet - Beige/gold

As I was reading through the colors there I was all set to suggest silver until I got to the carpet color!

How attached are you to everything you already have? Could one or two pieces be used in other rooms?

Given that the eggplant colored sofa and the beige/gold carpet are the most fixed items, you would actually end up with a more harmonious color scheme if you used the chair, tables and rug elsewhere in your home. Even just taking the rug out of this room would help as it is adding red and turquoise into the mix and in my opinion it is giving you too many colors to work with which is making it very difficult for you to achieve a cohesive look.

Whether your taste leans towards traditional or modern, a rug such as that pictured above is a nice color link between the sofa and the carpet. A fresh coat of rich cream paint on the walls and curtains in whatever shade of cream > beige > gold appeals to you most would certainly give a very elegant look.

If you want to keep the zebra chair in the room then an exciting and dramatic look could be achieved with a black or eggplant rug and curtains in the same color. I don't know where you live but if you are in a cold climate, a heavy silk or velvet curtain would be stunning although probably too heavy for warmer climes.

Really though if it were my home I would look to use at least the rug in a different room. Good luck!

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