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Table Talk Kitchen Appliances Retro by

Table Talk Kitchen Appliances Retro by

Is it better to decorate with a plain color rug and add pattern in the curtains of a kitchen or the reverse - patterned rug and plain curtains?

I have a kitchen with a cathedral ceiling and plan to redecorate. I presently have a patterned rug and feel it is too busy and want to change it. I'm thinking if I go with a pattern it needs to be simpler.

Andrea's Response

My personal preference would always be to go for a patterned window treatment and a plain rug.

I am an absolute sucker for retro fabrics - even in a funky, modern kitchen - and I would love to have curtains in a fabric like the one pictured above if I were to be redecorating my kitchen now.

I can tell you from experience that I would not consider Venetian blinds for a kitchen. I love the look of Venetians but having had them in my kitchen for some time now I can tell you that they are impossible to keep clean in a room with steam and grease. Somehow when I try to clean them they end up looking even dirtier!

Next time I redecorate my kitchen I shall look for a window treatment - and hopefully a rug too - that is machine washable.

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