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Having asked the question “What's on your Villa Vacation Essential Wishlist?” of many people, it is true that you get almost as many answers as there are people you ask but there are a number of things that come up over and over again.

The things we want on vacation but don't want to have to carry. Sometimes they are small things - sometimes they are deal-breakers.

Many of these things have very little cost to you but add greatly to your guest’s enjoyment.

My Wishlist

Wishing bone

Microwave oven

Spare light bulbs

Extra pillows, blankets and sheets available for guests to help themselves

Alarm clock

Enough dishwasher detergent, washing up liquid, toilet tissue and rubbish bags to last the full duration of the vacation

Several chopping boards in the kitchen

A corkscrew and bottle opener

Enough crockery to be able to use the dishwasher properly. It is very annoying to have a dishwasher but have so few mugs that you end up washing them anyway as you need to re-use them before the dishwasher has been filled

Alarm clock

Decent wine and beer glasses and plenty of plastics for use pool-side if you have a pool

Charcoal - if a Bar-B-Q is provided

Sharp knives

Coffee machine that isn't too complicated - I don't have time to read the instruction book

Candles, matches or lighter and a torch in case of power cuts

Red bar-b-q

Anti-mosquito room spray or plug-in repellant

Cleaning materials in case of accidents. If there is a spillage or accident chances are your guest will attempt to clear it up if cleaning materials are available

Citronella candles or similar if you have an outdoor seating area that your guests may make use of in the evenings


Spare batteries for things such as the TV remote control

Cots, highchairs, buggies etc. available on request

Electric fans in hot climates if no air conditioning is available

An iron and ironing board - OK, so I'm not likely to use this myself but sometimes packing wreaks havoc with your clothes and a spot of ironing may be essential

Ironing board

Internet access or details of the nearest available place – cyber café, library etc. Really though, wifi is becoming the norm nowadays so do try to provide this if you can

There will of course be many other similar things depending on where in the world your vacation property is but you can see from the list that often it’s the simple things that cost little but will save your guests aggravation.

What Is On Your Villa Vacation List Of Essentials?

What little extras do you offer that have the guests coming back to you year after year? What are the things most appreciated in your guest feedback and testimonials?

Got a photo? We’d love to see it.

Want to link to a page on the internet? Perhaps your own website? Just type in the website address and I will turn it into a clickable link before adding the details to the site.

Whether it is something you love to find in a vacation villa or something that your guests have appreciated or commented on - we want to hear about it!

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