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Laundry room decor - not essential but a bit of fun so why not brighten up this dull little room?

Laundry room decorating is often overlooked and to be honest, that’s fair enough. It is a room your guests will spend little time in and as far as furnishings go it is less than inspiring – a washing machine, dryer, ironing board…

It doesn’t get much more boring than that does it?

Laundry room wallpaper border

The only reason I mention it is that it is an area where you can have a bit of fun with the décor and be as funky or ‘out there’ as you like as it is not likely that you will have pictures of it on your website and it doesn’t really matter if your guests hate it – no-one will spend much time in there. Laundry room decor is just a bit of fun.

Laundry room wallpaper border

On the other hand, it might raise a smile from a guest whilst doing a few boring but essential bits of house-keeping and there are so many washing themed Laundry Room Borders, wallpaper, tiles and laundry room pictures that you might find them irresistible!

Laundry room wallpaper border

On a practical note, remember that this is a room which may get a bit wet and steamy so a tile or linoleum floor is always preferable to carpet and using a bathroom wall paint is a good idea too.

No one expects you to cater to all your guests needs and you need to draw the line somewhere when deciding which little extras to provide but I know that when I am vacation, I don't want to have to buy a large box of detergent just for the odd one or two wash loads that I might need to do.

Laundry room wallpaper border

For that reason we always left a box of detergent for guests to use and really they would use so little that it only needed replacing infrequently. It is another of those occasions where the benefit to the guest is considerably greater than the cost to you.

Likewise, in the kitchen we would always leave a small supply of dishwasher detergent and washing-up liquid.

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