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This is the page where we will be sharing with you our reviews and opinions of e-books, websites and computer software that we hope you will find relevant and interesting.

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Have you read any soft furnishing books or a great decorating bookrecently that you found helpful and would like to share?

Have you used some computer software that helped you with your redecorating project?

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A Step Forward in Interior Design

Oh dear... my first book review and I can't make it a good one. This 60 page e-book has color pictures on the front cover and a color picture of the author on the last page but is otherwise entirely in black and white. The only illustrations in the book are poor quality pencil drawings and the general look of the book is amateurish. Page after page of solid black text is very hard to read and I found my attention quickly wandering.

That said, it is a different approach to the usual decorating book and focusses mainly on the planning and budgetting aspects of home decor rather than the 'how to' so would appeal to someone who enjoyed making a real project out of their decorating and enjoyed making lists.

Not really my sort of book and I have asked for a full refund as promised by the author.

The following e-books are currently under review:

Home Decorating Made Easy

An e-book offering home decorating advice

How to Make a Roman Shade

A fully illustrated 'how to' guide to making a Roman Blind. Suitable for beginners or the more advanced.

If you have read any of these books, please let me know what you thought as I would love to share your opinion with other readers.

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