Shades of Brown, Cream and Green Living Room

Shades of brown, cream and green living room

Shades of brown, cream and green living room

I have a beige suede lounge suite and a cream and brown shaggy carpet. The floor is white and the walls are cream.

Now, I was thinking of having different shades of green, brown, beige and white.

I need your advice on how to decorate using scatter cushions, mirrors, picture frames etc.

I don't want the room to look too cluttered though. Could you also please advise on the colour I can use for curtains?

Andrea's Response

I love the sound of this colour scheme and it makes for a very restful space.

Personally, I would add some scatter cushions using all the colours that you like but using stripes rather than a different pattern.

A white framed mirror can look very effective and if this doesn't appeal then perhaps a dark wood would be a good alternative. The same applies to picture frames but do think very carefully about the subject matter of the pictures themselves as they need to be in-keeping with the general tone of the room as well as the colour scheme.

If you want to keep with a light and bright look you could do a lot worse than go with a natural linen for the curtains. This will go well with the 'back to nature' colour scheme you are creating and also add a slight texture.

If you feel the need to add a bit more depth, you may like to consider adding a feature wall in a strong but soft shade of green. If you like this idea but think a whole wall would be too dark, think about a chimney breast or alcove area if your room has either of these features.

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