Co-ordinating My Dark Grey Sofa With Brown Walls

by Maxine
(Etobicoke, Canada)

Brown and Grey Fabric

Brown and Grey Fabric

I just moved into a 1000 sq ft 15 year old condo and I am struggling with the decor. The living room is surrounded with glass, I bought a grey sofa that has a built in sofa bed and storage. The flooring is a dark brown bamboo. Please help me.

Andrea's Response

I really believe that you can use almost any two colors together successfully if you can find something that brings the two together.

To me, choosing and using a fabric that has both grey and brown will do exactly that. The fabric above may not be to your taste but it serves to illustrate the point.

If you use this fabric to make a few loose cushions for the sofa you will immediately start to see your color scheme coming together.

With a very busy and bold pattern like this one, you need to be a little sparing so maybe three cushions in this fabric and then several more in plain colors that you take from the colors in this fabric - black or cream for example. Personally I would look at the grey and then add a few cushions in silver rough silk or something like that.

Whatever you decide to do, I think starting with something that brings the two colors together is a good idea but you could decide on a rug rather than a fabric if you prefer.

Depending on your taste, you could then add a bright contrast color into the mix to lift the color scheme a little and a few splashes of bright red for example could look stunning.

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