Painting On Fabric Makes Beautiful Pillows

by Angela
(Nashua, NH)

Plain Pillows Ready For Painting

Plain Pillows Ready For Painting

I love the look of painted fabric. I think that it looks so beautiful and can make something look a lot more expensive.

I love to buy pillows on clearance and then paint on them to make them look like something from a pricey store. Here's a little bit about what I do.

Usually, I cover the pillows in a plain but nice looking fabric before I paint on them. I use a fabric like cotton or rayon for the cover, as they're very easy to paint on.

Once the pillows are fully covered, I put some newspapers down on my floor and get ready to go.

I work with paints designed to go on fabrics to do this. They sell them at all of the fabric stores in my area. I use paintbrushes and stencils to paint on designs. I like to use stencils with a floral design as I think they come out very nice.

I don't think of myself as a talented artist, but with the use of stencils it's been very easy to paint on intricate and beautiful designs. Small stencils are much easier for me to work with than large ones as I don't have to worry about the stencil moving while I paint. I like to use one small stencil over and over for a uniform look.

The next time you see an inexpensive pillow somewhere, give fabric painting a try. It's a cheap and easy way to turn an ordinary pillow into something really special. Hand painted soft furnishings really liven up a room.

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