Need a color fix!

by Kirsten
(Queensland, Australia)

Wall Needing A Colour Fix

Wall Needing A Colour Fix

I have a dark, muddy navy leather sofa set, wooden french doors and a light wooden floor in my lounge room.

I am trying to come up with a color scheme for my wall.

It was previously hot pink, however, I am wanting something cool and soothing.

Hope you can help - I would be interested to hear your suggestions.

Andrea's Response

Given that you are looking for something cool and soothing and that you have a navy blue sofa, blue seems an obvious choice.

Within the blue 'family' you can have anything from the palest hint of colour through to something much stronger - it all depends on how colourful you want the room to be.

The fact that you previously went for hot pink suggests you are a woman after my own heart when it comes to colour so maybe something strong but still light and bright much like the colour of the sky on a cloudless sunny day.

Perhaps not cool and soothing but another colour I like with navy blue is lime green and a colour scheme built around navy blue and lime green with touches of white and silver accessories would be a great option too.

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