My Velvet Pillow Envelopes

by Stephanie
(Bloomington, IN, USA)

Velvet Pillows

Velvet Pillows

This may not be for everyone but personally I love to redo my furnishings using velvet and lace.

I have a sewing machine so generally I just go on the hunt for both cheap pillows and cheap fabric.

I can usually find good sales on velvet fabrics at craft supply stores, Wal-Mart, or any other place that sells fabric.

Sometimes I am even able to find nice velvet fabrics at garage sales.

It probably just depends where you live and what kind of outlets you have available as to where you can find it.

Anyway, I take the sewing machine and make "envelopes" for my pillows. I sew up three sides and make a flap of the unsewn end. I then take the pillow and put it into the velvet fabric envelope. If the flap is big enough and you use a heavy fabric like velvet, you don't really need to sew the flap down but if you like you can add a button or popper to keep it in place. For a teenagers room I have used pins or badges which look really cool.

Because the fourth side isn't sewn, you can easily remove the pillow for washing the cover.

I do like to add lace trimmings to these pillows or sometimes do a bit of hand-stitching to create great designs on my pillows. It adds a lot to a room whenever I do this. My friends always compliment me on the pillows.

I love working with pillows and probably always will. I have them all over my house on every piece of furniture I own!

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