My Living Room

by Bethany
(Maine, USA)

Soiree by RJR Fabrics

Soiree by RJR Fabrics

I am renting a house right now and the owners won't let me paint the living room.

Two walls are brickish red and the other two walls are a grey - medium grey, not too dark.

What kind of curtains would I put in here?

I really need help as I hate my living room but am limited in what I am allowed to change.

Andrea’s Response

Most people that own a rental property would opt for decorating in a neutral color so I am quite surprised at the color scheme you have.

That said, I am sure you can make it look lovely if you pull it together well. Using fabric to cover an artist's canvas is an inexpensive and effective way to change some of the color on a wall without needing to paint and the same fabric can be used to make a few toss pillow covers for your sofa.

A fabric like the one above brings together the colors you have and would make fabulous curtains and a few pillow covers. Using this fabric sparingly and adding in a few extras (rug, cushion covers etc.) in the same shades of red and grey would look really good.

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