Living Room

by Denise
(Nova Scotia)

The walls are mauve at the moment

The walls are mauve at the moment

My Chesterfeild and loveseat are blue with a fine pale yellow and light pink pinstripe in it.

My baseboards and door trim are a medium pecan semi-gloss varnish. I also have wood trimmed pictures on my wall, and wood and wrought iron mirror/candle holders on another wall.

I have medium laminate floors. I also have a black TV unit. Would a smokey green go with it? Or maybe a sandy beige - any other suggestions?

Andrea’s Response

I would definitely go with a sandy beige/gold option Denise. You already have yellow tones in your flooring and seating and the base of your lamp looks to be gold too. Bring out the yellow and tie the whole color scheme together by adding in a few pillows on the Chesterfield and loveseat that incorporate both the blue and the gold.

As you already have blue, yellow and some pink in the room, I would hesitate to add in green as well.

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