Living Room Colors

by Angus
(Scotland, UK)

Amy Butler Nigella Twill Grandiflora Maroon

Amy Butler Nigella Twill Grandiflora Maroon

I have just bought a leather lounge suite.

It is a deep burgundy/maroon color, and I would like your advice on wallpaper, carpet and curtain colors to create a co-ordinated, restful, warm area.

There is enough light coming into the room so I am quite happy to incorporate a strong color.

Andrea's Response:

Hello and thank you for your question.

If it were my room, first of all I would look for a fabric that included the maroon and also one or two other colors that I liked - something like the one pictured above which we can use as an example.

Using the colors from that fabric, I would be inclined to paint three of the four walls in the fabric background color - cream - and consider painting the fourth wall (probably the chimney breast wall if you have one) in one of the other colors - maybe one of the lighter shades of pink.

The dark green of the leaves would be a practical option for the carpet - possibly using the lighter green for a rug if there was a good place to put one.

I would make a few scatter cushions in the chosen fabric to throw on the sofa and would also buy some plain cushion covers, again using one or two of the colors in the patterned fabric.

If I felt the room could take more pattern (a lot will depend on the size of the room) then I would consider having curtains made in this fabric too but if I felt that would look too 'busy' I would probably opt for plain curtains in the same shade of green as the carpet.

I hope you find that helpful Angus.

Kind regards,


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Mar 04, 2008
Color Answer
by: Angus Dickson

Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will certainly make use of them.

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