Leather Living Room Furniture

by Maryann

Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather Living Room Furniture

I have leather living room furniture - a couch and two armchairs - that are in really good condition but are just not right for my new color scheme.

I wondered - is it possible to repaint a leather couch?

Can I use 'leather dye' to just paint over it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Andrea's Response:

This is not something I have ever tried myself but I do remember on holiday last summer we rented a beautiful house on the south coast of England. The dining table was glass and the chairs were chrome and pale grey leather - very nice.

It was only when one of the children dropped something on one of the chairs and we had to dig deep in the join where the back meets the seat to make sure it was clean that we realised that the chairs had originally been a deep maroon. Had we not been looking at the seats at such close range we would never have noticed as the finish and the end result were excellent.

As it wasn't something I did myself I don't know the name of the product and this is in the UK so we may have different brands available to us but certainly it can be done - and done well - and perhaps you need to take the advice of the staff in your local shops as to which would be the best brand to buy.

As always, I would suggest that you start with a part of the sofa that can't be seen.

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