Is Grey A Good Paint Colour For The Living Room?

I'm having trouble picking a paint colour for the living room.

We will be putting down walnut laminate flooring in a couple of weeks.

There are three windows in the room, a cream colour sectional, a red accent chair and dark wood furniture.

I was originally thinking grey paint, but now I'm second guessing myself because of the colour of the sectional.

What is your opinion on grey and/or do you have any other colour suggestions?

Thank you :)

Andrea's Response

So your colour palette at the moment is dark (wood) brown, cream and red... no, personally I would not go for grey as a wall color.

I like grey but it is quite a cold colour and can look a bit 'urban'. Your furnishings seem to be quite contemporary and the overall look is warm. I think grey would spoil that look and feel.

I don't really believe in decorating rules and think that sometimes you just need to do what feels right for you and suits your family but one thing I do tend to stick with is that most rooms or homes tend to be in the black/grey/silver trim camp or the brown/beige/gold trim camp and I think it is hard to mix the two.

I love your red chair and can see that you have carried that colour over as an accent with a sofa cushion or two. I would suggest that you might like to consider increasing the amount of red in the room by introducing drapes in a cream and red patterned fabric or perhaps by painting a red feature wall.

If that sounds tempting but a little too bold for your taste you could make it the wall that is partially obscured by your desk area and shelving.

I hate to sound boring but for the rest of the walls I would opt for a creamy beige - similar to your sectional - or a pale caramel/tan if you want something a little stronger.

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