Hiding TV Cables

I had my new flatscreen TV mounted on the wall above my fireplace, not thinking about what I would do with the cable and DVD boxes.

Now I have two huge cables running from my television to a small table beside the fireplace - it looks awful.

What is a solution to this problem? Should I have it taken down and put on a TV table?

Andrea's Response

I think a lot depends on your fireplace - is it hollow? The best option is to use the example in the pictures I have added above. If your chimney breast is constructed using plaster board you can make holes in it to thread the cables through so they reappear further down - wherever is the nearest point to the table.

If you can't make holes into the chimney breast, can you build out? Using a thin plaster board, you could add a panel which goes down from the bottom of the TV to the mantle with the cables hidden behind much as you would if you were boxing in water pipes or something similar.

I have something like this in my office as I couldn't stand all the cables which were much in evidence when we first had broadband installed so I just boxed them in with hardboard. Once I had decorated over the top, you would never have known that it wasn't part of the original wall.

My thanks to BenLucier @ flickr for the photos

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