Help With Living Room Decor!

by Marie
(New York, Ny)

Amy Butler Nigella Twill Grandiflora Maroon

Amy Butler Nigella Twill Grandiflora Maroon

I am currently renting and I am not allowed to paint my walls which are an ivory white color.

My couch is a burgundy color and so are my window treatments. I don't have much furniture in there except for a brown TV stand.

What colors would look good with burgundy? How can I accessorize so that I can add some sparks to my living room since the walls are too plain? I really need a change because I am bored of the same decor.

Also,the living room and dining room are combined into one room.How can I make them stand out and make them look like they're two separate sections when decorating?

Thank you in advance.

Andrea's Response:

Hi Marie

You can't beat a bright color for adding a bit of zip to a drab room and with maroon or burgundy I would suggest pink.

Find a fabric that includes the color of your couch and a shade of pink you like - something like the one above perhaps - and if the background color is the same color as your walls then so much the better.

Using this fabric make some cushion covers for the couch and then perhaps add a few more in a plain pink fabric.

Something like a bright pink sheepskin rug would be fun too and would add color and texture.

Are you allowed to hang pictures on the walls? If so, you can't beat abstract art for adding some impact.

As your living room and dining room areas are open to each other, I would recommend that you keep them as alike as possible when it comes to decorating.

Kind regards,


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