Dilemma With Blending My Room

by Anne

Living Room

Living Room

We are buying a new house which has a blueish grey carpeting in the front room.

We have brand new burgundy/brown couches and want to bring it all together but have no idea what to do about decorating the walls.

I am uploading a picture of the carpeting attached to this.

What color should I do the walls?

Andrea’s Response

I think you have a tricky job on your hands here Anne. Blue/grey and burgundy/brown are just not a 'natural' combination.

Personally, I would start with the soft furnishings. The drapes and cushions you use will make such a difference and it is here that you need to find something to bring it all together.

Do you like bright colours and a contemporary look? I would want to bring out the pinky tone from the burgundy and the silvery blue tone from the carpet colour and would inject a little pattern as well as color.

A fabric like this may not be to your taste but will illustrate the point.

The bright pink in the fabric will really bring out the warmth in your couches and will also link it with the blue/grey of the carpet.

From there you can go as bold or as neutral as you like - three white walls and one bright pink would be funky, pale silver grey would be stylish (with chrome/silver fixtures and fittings of course) or you could opt for white or maybe even pale blue.

As I said, I would start with the soft furnishings and I think that once you have done this, you will be able to see for yourself what wall color would be best.

If you are still unsure at that point, please do write in again with another photo.

Kind regards,


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